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WildLife Partners Conservation Partner Opportunity

Profit from Conservation

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    Grevy Zebra

    Current Operations of WildLife Partners Management

    Since 2012, the owners of WildLife Partners have been investing in and researching the exotic wildlife business in Texas and Africa. After investing in more than 30 species, purchasing a large tract of land in Mountain Home, Texas and traveling to South Africa to tour breeding facilities, we recognized the untapped opportunity to provide outside investors the opportunity to achieve the same benefits we attained. Over the years, we have assembled a very diverse portfolio of wildlife and now breed more than 50 species at 4 breeding facilities covering nearly 11,000 acres in Mountain Home, Pettus, Pearsall, and Carrizo Springs, Texas.

    Wildlife Partners is an innovative wildlife conservation company. Our model marries the desire to do good for the world with economic incentives. It has been proven that wildlife conservation does not have to be centered around an altruistic approach funded by donations. When it is accentuated by for profit motives, outsiders that would otherwise not participate, join the fight to save species from extinction. The benefits are gratification from doing a great thing for our planet, active participation in wildlife breeding/ranching, potential cash flow distributions and 100% tax deductions.

    We currently serve more than 300 private landowners in Texas and more than 40 conservation minded investors throughout the United States. Through our approach, landowners in Texas and beyond have learned how to convert their private ranches into cash flow producing wildlife sanctuaries. Additionally, we have a vehicle that provides non-landowners the ability to own wildlife, participate as a breeder, get hands on experience, generate revenue and convert tax dollars into usable assets. We have produced results and our partners love what we do!

    In addition to the support from within the financial community, we have developed meaningful relationships with zoos all over the Unites States. We have created solutions for breeding related challenges within the zoo community and our model seems to be facilitating meaningful change to the industry.

    WildLife Partners, LLC

    WildLife Partners, LLC