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What does WildLife Partners do?

Wildlife Partners is the largest buyer, breeder and seller of non-indigenous wildlife in the United States. We provide land owners and investors a safe and reliable avenue to sell and acquire stock. In addition, we have created a predictable source to generate cash flow by selling offspring that are produced. By eliminating risks and making the marketplace more accessible, conservationists and investors are flocking to our programs.

In addition to serving landowners, Wildlife Partners has dedicated four of our properties to allow conservation minded investors from around the United States to participate in this dynamic industry. There is no need to acquire land, hire staff, or build infrastructure. We provide everything needed to make money and have fun, while helping to save species from all over the world.

Approximately how many species of exotic wildlife does WildLife Partners breed?

We currently breed more than 50 species of exotic wildlife (see our Species page for more detail)

Where are WildLife Partners’ facilities located?

Our company headquarters in is San Antonio and our breeding facilites are located in Mountain Home, Pettus, Pearsall and Carrizo Springs, Texas

Is WildLife Partners a hunting operation?

No. While we fully embrace that hunting is a significant driver of this amazing industry, there is no hunting on any properties used for WildLife Partners partnerships.

How is revenue distributed?

Revenue available for distribution will be distributed quarterly.

As an investor in the partnership, will I participate in making decisions about my project?

Yes. As any active partnership works, Partners/Investors are involved in some but not all decisions concerning the Partnership. Additionally, we are expecting all partners to visit the location(s) and be an active member of our partnerships.

Why would an investor invest in exotic wildlife?

  • Protection of endangered species, including some already extinct in the wild
  • Potential Cash Flow from offspring sales
  • Substantial (up to 90+%) first year tax deduction
  • Potential Long term gains
  • Exciting & fun

What accounting services does WildLife Partners offer?

WildLife Partners will provide annual k1’s for your tax deductions.

Who are the owners of WildLife Partners?

Brian Gilroy, Co-Founder and CEO

Chris Gilroy, Co-Founder

A small group of equity partners from across the United States

WildLife Partners, LLC

WildLife Partners, LLC