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Convention Season and Kicking off the New Year

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Anyone who has spent much time around Safari Club International, Dallas Safari Club and/or Houston Safari Club, knows January is convention month. People from all over the world descend on Reno, Dallas and Houston over the course of 3-4 weeks. These conventions are filled with conservation minded people from all walks of life. Whether its art, clothing, firearms, safaris, visiting with Kevin “Doctari” Robertson or to talk about how you can make a direct impact on the conservation of threatened and endangered species from all over the world, you can find it at all of these shows. At WildLife Partners, we are very fortunate to have the partners we do, and they love spending time in our booth sharing their experiences they’ve had with us. This is always an awesome (and tiring) way to kick off each New Year.

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WildLife Partners, LLC

WildLife Partners, LLC