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Benefits of Raising Exotics

The benefits of raising exotic wildlife are countless. The list below highlights some of the most important.

• Exotic Wildlife is beautiful.
• You are preserving endangered and threatened species from extinction.
• Animals are 100% tax deductible over 5 years
• Can be very profitable
• Your friends and family will love seeing these animals thriving and living naturally on your land
• It’s fun
• Easily liquidated
• Booming market
• Reliable source for animals is available
• Produces Income
• Justifies deducting countless other items at your ranch. Feed, equipment, staff, maintenance.
• Income stream keeps the IRS happy
• Income is taxed as a long term capital gain when selling offspring after 1 year
• Market is not dependent as a food source or hunting. Live sale is the biggest consumer.
• Demand is driven by wealthy people
• Industry is more than 50 years old and very well established.

Who Raises Exotics?

Financial Company CEO’s
Government Officials
Oil Company Owners
Large Communication Company Executives
Bank Chairmans
Large Construction Company Owners
Manufacturing Company Owners
Real Estate Developers
Car Dealership Owners

In addition to these people, Wildlife Partners currently serves roughly 300 ranches. We are adding new ranches each and every month.  Many of these new ranches have never owned exotics before. They have seen the benefits of owning wildlife for conservation and are committing their ranches to serve as wildlife sanctuaries that conserve endangered species from all over the world.

All of these landowners raise exotics because they love wildlife, they value conservation, they like the cash flow, and breeding exotics is tax deductible.

WildLife Partners, LLC

WildLife Partners, LLC