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The WildLife Partners Ranch Team has been very busy!

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Most people know the investment side of WildLife Partners but not the animal sales and purchase side. Over the last year we have done business with nearly 150 different ranches and that number continues to grow each and every week. Why? Because we have developed a product/service that helps ranch owners justify their ranch as a business by selling exotic wildlife. Our stock then buy program does just that. We stock the ranch with various species then come back and buy all of the offspring the ranch produces. The revenue produced from these sales helps the owners produce income while also giving them the ability to write off many expenses related to the ranch.

Despite all these new ranches joining the exotic wildlife industry, there is a finite number of animals in the State of Texas and with an ever-growing demand it requires getting creative to find new ranches to work with. Our crew is the best in the industry and the results speak for themselves. In April alone, we sold more than $550,000 worth of animals to ranches across Texas and each and everyone of those had to be captured on another ranch.

Here are some great action shots from some of the recent catch jobs.

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WildLife Partners, LLC

WildLife Partners, LLC