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Since we started on this incredible journey last April, its been nothing short of amazing. The first animal purchase for our first partnership was last May and we finished 2016 having fully stocked both of our initial partnerships. In total more than 1000 animals were purchased across 37 species. Well, those animals have been doing their part. Since last May, we’ve had more than 120 babies born with nearly every species contributing to those numbers. Below are some recent pictures taken by our photographer Dan Verrips. His work is amazing! Included in these pictures are Scimitar Oryx and Nile Lechwe, both of which are on the endangered species list. The Scimitar has actually been extinct in the wild since 2000 when they were essentially poached out of the deserts of Chad in Northern Africa. Thanks a booming industry and the help of ranches across Texas, a small group of Scimitar were sent back to Chad in 2016. In September, the first baby Scimitar was born in their native lands since they went extinct in 2000.

Thanks to the help of our partners these and many other endangered species are thriving in Texas today.

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WildLife Partners, LLC

WildLife Partners, LLC