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An industry that just keeps growing

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We had a visitor at our breeding facilities this weekend that had numerous questions about pretty much everything we do at WildLife Partners and the exotic wildlife industry in Texas as a whole. The one thing he brought up over and over again that was so shocking to him was the size of the industry and more specifically the incredibly high demand for these animals. Being a guy from Maine, this is absolutely what should be expected.

Well, at the same time we were visiting both facilities in Mountain Home and Pettus, an annual meeting and auction was taking place in Kerrville, TX. The results actually beat the expectations we had, which were already high. In just 2.5 hours, 105 lots sold for a total of $550,000. Here are some of the specific groups that sold.

1 Male and 1 Female yearling Dama Gazelles – $10,000
1 Male and 3 Female Thompson Gazelles – $25,600
2 Female 1.5 year old Arabian Oryx – $13,000
2 Yearling Female Sable Antelope – $35,000
1 Pair of Gemsbok – $13,500

WildLife Partners LLC and our Partners currently own 20+ Dama Gazelle, 10 Thompson Gazelle, 25+ Arabian Oryx, 60+ Sable Antelope and more than 30 Gemsbok. These are just 5 of the more than 50 species we breed today. As we continue down this path, the appreciation in the value of these animals continues to be steady across most of these species. In fact, when we launched our first partnership about a year ago, Sable cows were selling for about $10,000 each. Now they are selling for about $17,000 each on average and we expect that number to be $20,000 by the end of 2017 as the demand seems endless at this point.

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WildLife Partners, LLC

WildLife Partners, LLC