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The exotic wildlife industry has a deep history in Texas and Africa. The industry in Texas dates back to the 1930’s when Nilgai Antelop were initially imported to the King Ranch in South Texas as a means to offset cattle prices. The industry has existed in Africa for decades but was completely transformed after the Game Theft Act of 1991 that converted the game in South Africa to private property.

Below are links in a chronological order that show a time line for both the industry in Texas and in Africa. The growth for both Texas and Africa over the last 20 years is unrivaled both most industries across the globe and today continues to out produce many traditional investment vehicles such as stocks, bonds and mutual funds.

History in Texas

November 1981 – 51 Species of Exotics in the State
October 1988 – Turn to Exotic Species – Ranchers in Texas Hear Call of Wild – 120,000 animals on 370 ranches
April 1992 – Exotics in Texas – 486 ranches – 2,361,744 acres housing Exotics in Texas
May 2000 – Ranching of Exotic Big Game Species recognized as a profitable industry
April 2007 – Charlie Seale – Executive Director of the EWA “It’s a $300 Million industry and growing fast”
August 2007 – Texas A&M – Economic Impact of the Exotic Wildlife Industry = $1.3 Billion
June 2010 – 400,000 Exotics on high fenced ranches in Texas with 50,000 – 60,000 free ranging
February 2012 – Texas hunting ranchers fight for right to save African antelope species
March 2014 – Three Amigos Legislation – Ensures Breeding and Growth of African Antelopes
November 2014 – Stocking Exotics on Your Ranch – “Exotic livestock are a great investment and an exciting hobby”
September 2015 – Lands of America – “Exotics for Your Ranch”
February 2016 – Exotic animals have brought in new revenue….
March 2016 – An introduction to the Exotic WildLife Industry

History in Africa

June 1991 – The Game Theft Act of 1991 – Game Animals are now Private Property
May 2005 – Stud Game Breeders is Formed
September 2010 – Cyril Ramaphosa joins Stud Game Breeders
November 2010 – Norman Adami joins Stud Game Breeders
April 2012 – Wildlife prices too big for genes?
September 2012 – Buffalo bull fetches record R26 Million
March 2014 – A Bull Market of a Different Kind – new Record set
September 2014 – Cyril Ramaphosa in line of fire over profits from game farm
January 2015 – Buffalo Horns Worth Millions Lure South African Billionaires
February 2016 – World’s Most Expensive African Buffalo Valued at $11,100,000
September 2016 – Limpopo Buffalo Sells for R168 Million ($12,500,000)

WildLife Partners, LLC

WildLife Partners, LLC